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Guidelines for New Unit Group Requests!

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  • Guidelines for New Unit Group Requests!

    At, we want to ensure that all relevant (major) Cold War units are represented with their own group. If you do not see your unit listed in the Unit Group directory, post a request in this forum with the specifics and we'll get it added for you!

    In order to add your unit to the directory, your request must meet the following requirements:
    1. The unit must have been active at some point between the years 1947 and 1991 (Cold War period)
    2. The unit must typically be sizable enough to warrant a separate group (e.g.battalion, brigade, regiment, division, corps, etc.). Some exceptions would include certain command units, and units that did not have a regimental affiliation. We do not typically create groups for company-sized units. However, when in doubt, just post, and we'll look into it for you
    3. If a unit was reflagged or redesignated during the Cold War period, we will use our discretion as to whether we create a single group, or multiple groups for those units.
    4. If you know the years the unit was active, that is very helpful as well! At a minimum, let us know when YOU were stationed with that unit. That will help us greatly in our research!
    5. If the unit had a nickname or motto, and you can remember it, let us know that as well!
    6. Please provide the complete unit designation. E.g. Instead of saying "3-64 AR", you should specify "3rd Battalion, 64th Armored Regiment", etc.
    7. We will handle logo/insignia research for you generally, but if you have a good electronic copy of your unit's insignia, feel free to attach it to your request!
    *** We are especially in need of unit information for certain areas such as medical units, support units, and maintenance units! ***

    We generally add new groups within a day or so of making the request!

    Company. Dismissed!

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    130th Station Hospital, Heidelberg, FRG (I was there '78 - '81)